The world’s most popular Humanoid Robot

Our robot equipped with the Zora Solution allows you to create all the applications and behaviors you have in mind, regardless your programming or coding skills. Zora comes with all the necessary operating software and tools. Zora speaks English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, French, Finnish and Spanish.

People use the Zora Robot all over the world in many different ecosystems. You can create very easily whatever you have in mind. The only limit is your creativity. And the result is always amazing!

ZoraBots is an interactive and caring platform solution which runs on the world’s most popular humanoid robots. ZoraBots makes friendly, intelligent companions with just one goal: making your life better- more comfortable, fun, healthier and relaxed.

Zora Robot can improve your life

  • Who helps you rehabilitate?
  • Who practices with your children?
  • Who motivates you until you feel better?
  • Who takes care of you?
  • Who keeps you fit?

Zora is there for you, for young and elderly people, for those who need help. The first robot in the world that takes care of you. Zora is based on the NAO robot of Softbank Robotics.


Enjoy your Smart Shopping Magazine. We can’t bring you your slippers, but we can make it easy for you to find what you need with your slippered feet up and a cup of coffee at your side.


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