Woolet Wireless Magnetic Charging Pad – Charging Mousepad Power Everywhere

Wireless Charging Pad – Your Woolet, Android and Iphone 8 smartphones

Get rid of any unnecessary wires. The wireless charger using the QI standard will charge not only Woolet products, but also other compatible devices such as a smartphone. Our chargers are tailored to match Woolet wallets in style, and together they create an elegant and functional set.

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Woolet is all about making our lives simple. The team is now willing to add both Magnetic Charging Pad and Charging Mousepad to their Woolet family. They believe in the combination of innovative technology and design and are sure that their products will be a perfect addition to their already existing ecosystem. So what have they prepared? It’s the first Magnetic Charging Pad that you can install it

  • in the car,
  • stick it to the fridge,
  • put it on the nightstand or use it while you’re cooking.

The possibilities are endless. The Woolet Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad combines utility, technology, and an elegant corporate design. They have set out to create the ultimate charging pad; that will change and simplify the way we charge our smartphones at work, home or while commuting and running errands. They think and we also consider this to be a perfect solution!

Woolet Wireless Charger is slim and, entirely hand-made out of the finest leather. It’s a multi-functional device which allows you to charge your phone, Woolet or any other QI-compatible device while working at your desk, drive all day in your car, or hang with your kiddos all day.

It’s extremely easy to use. To recharge the Woolet or smartphone you simply need to put it on the top of the Wireless Charging Mousepad or Magnetic Charging Pad. Thanks to three inductive coils the charging will start in the blink of an eye. The Woolet Wireless Charger uses QI inductive charging technology with three inductive coils for better efficiency. It’s compatible with both USB and USB-C ports.


The FIRST Magnetic Charging Pad

This neat mouse pad will be a fine addition to your workplace. With its help your devices will never lack energy. The pad will charge wallets, Woolet trackers and other devices compliant with QI standard.

The Magnetic Charging Pad


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