Wireless Fast Charger with Mug Warmer/Drink Cooler

Nomodo Trio – The Device-Charging Drink Coasters

The ‘Nomodo Trio’ is a connected solution for the modern workstation that will keep your choice of hydration on hand, while also powering up your smartphone. 

The Nomodo Trio quickly charges your wireless capable device utilizing Qi Fast Charging technology. In today’s world, your phone is your lifeline. Avoid pesky charging cords getting in your way by utilizing the Qi charging mat on your Trio. Set any Qi enabled device directly on the mat and watch your battery quickly go from zero to hero

LIKE IT HOT: Coffee is only good cold when you intend it to be. Keep your coffee and tea hot while you work with the heated plate that was designed to keep your mug as toasty as it was when you brewed it

KEEP IT COOL: Tired of your ice cubes melting and watering down your drink? The cooling plate will keep those cans and cold brews chilled, so they’ll always quench your thirst

The perfect desk accessory for all your needs!

The ‘Nomodo Trio’ comes as a response to the extended periods many consumers are spending at their workstation and the subsequent need for solutions that keep them comfortable at all times.


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