Vufine Wearable Display

Whether for your smartphone, laptop, camera or drone, Vufine+ is a simple and highly accessible companion device that redefines your experience with your favorite technology.

The Screen:

Vufine+ utilizes an LCOS panel which provides a bright, crisp virtual display that appears as a 4″ display approximately 12″ from your eye.

Vufine+ offers 3 different display modes to allow users to optimize the display no matter what device they are connecting. These modes can be cycled through by clicking the power button.


Describe your products in 3 words.

Wearable Displays, Simplified.

  • High Definition Virtual Display – Clear Enough for Video and Text
  • HDMI Compatible – Can Connect to Any Device Capable of Outputting 720p
  • Magnetic Docking Station – Easily Attach When you Need it and Pocket it When you Don’t
  • Internal Battery – For a 90 Minute Runtime
  • Highly Portable – Small and Incredibly Tough


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