Viper M-10 Fixed Wing Aircraft (Electric)

The Viper M-10 is the most unique utilitarian unmanned aircraft in it’s class. Our design offers capabilities no other aircraft on the planet offer from our proprietary carbon fiber to our modular and scalable design. The Viper M-10 can scale from a 10 foot wing system to a 12 foot wing system while in the field. This offers the ability to swap out to larger sensor payloads that will require more lift.

The Viper M-10 is the only aircraft in the world that scales from an electric vehicle to gas while in the field. You will never have to be faced with limiting your flights due to shorter battery power while you have the Viper in your inventory. Our Patent Pending technology will give you the ability to fly from 2 hours to over 10 hours within minutes.

The Viper M-10 is designed with a large wing for slow flight and is one of the few aircraft in existence designed with flaps. If you look at other aircraft in the market, you will notice that very few systems have flaps. Saxon incorporated flaps in to our wings for the more experienced pilots who have the ability to fly with more precision. Designed to be a belly landing aircraft, once you get the hang of flying the Viper, you will be able to land the Viper with ease and great finesse. This allows the Viper to outperform any other system in it’s class.

You will not have to worry about spending wasted time on adjusting the center of gravity, the Viper M-10 is the one of the only aircraft in the world that will allow you to adjust the wing to accommodate the new payload by sliding the wing on top of the fuselage. This will save you a considerable amount of time while in the field.

Specifications: Electric

Duration: 2 Hours
Payload Weight: 5 lbs.
Fuselage Width:10 Inches
Fuselage Length: 36 Inches
Wing Length: 10 or 12 feet
Weight: 17


Military Gray, White, Yellow


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