Video Security for your car 24/7

Owl Car Cam with Owl LTE Service – Video Security for your Car

Anywhere, Anytime! 

Keep your car secure at all times with the Owl Cam In-Car Security Camera. Featuring a forward-facing and an inside-facing camera, Owl covers both the inside and outside of your car. Additionally, the cameras stay on and send videos to cloud storage 24/7. Likewise, it uses fast and reliable 4G internet connection.


The Video Security for your Car!

the cameras stay on and send videos to cloud storage 24/7

Outside Live view

Inside Live view

Check your car Inside/Outside anytime!

Σχετική εικόναΣχετική εικόναΣχετική εικόνα

Track it anytime!


  • GPS
  • Digital compass
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Cellular

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is owl-camera-750x750.jpgOwl Car Cam – The best car camera while you drive

  • Dual HD cameras, inside and out, catch it all when you drive
  • Video on your phone now! – No data cables or SD card, everything controlled over Wi-Fi from your phone
  • Fastest and easiest install in your car and great looking
  • Video saved for up to 2 weeks for the average driver

Owl LTE Service – The best video security system when your car is parked

  • Video Alerts to your phone when somebody messes with your car
  • Anywhere Live View, intercom and floodlights for your car
  • Anywhere access to your Owl Car Cam’s video clips to save, delete or share
  • “OK Presto” Voice control makes titles for sharing in seconds
  • Unlimited secure access and control of your driving video over direct WiFi connection with phone
  • For iPhone with iOS 11 or later
  • Audio formats supported: AAC
  • Mono Speaker
  • Stereo Microphone
  • User-selectable maximum volume limit


  • Dual Anti-theft floodlights (white LED)


  • Automotive OBD Connector (12V automotive battery)
  • Guard mode when parked
  • Auto shut-off after 24 hours or low voltage


  • 3 Axis gyroscope
  • 3 Axis accelerometer
  • Digital compass
  • 3 temperature sensors


  • Impact Detection
  • Broken Glass Detection
  • Instant Video Alerts
  • Active Cooling Fan


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