Turn Your Cellphone Into a Desk Phone, No More Radiation

NVX Office 200 Bluetooth Speaker – Turn your mobile phone

NVX 200 is a docking station for your cellphone. Most people love the practicality of cellphones, but some feel there’s got to be a better way, a more convenient way to answer a phone call from a cellphone. Invoxia NVX 200 is equipped with InVivo, a patented technology that cancels microphone noise and room reverberation, you can make a conference call from your cell and enjoy the comfort of an office phone. This docking station offers you instant control of all your mobile calls from speed dials, answer and make calls, browse contact list, and also, it has great audio quality.

NVX 200 means a cleaner desk, it replaces cables, a Bluetooth speaker, and a charging dock. This unit is compatible with VoIP applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and many more. Thanks to the dock, it’ll keep your phone upright, you can see and be seen by the other party, making your video conference lively and warm.

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Turns Your Cellphone Into a Desk Phone! Your Mobile And Your Health Deserve The Best

Charge your Mobile

NVX 200 docking station is always there on your desk to charge your mobile. Compatible with all iPhone & iPads (lightning) and micro-USB phones and tablets (Android, Windows, Blackberry).

Preserve your Health

You spend long hours talking with your mobile or with a Bluetooth headset ? You are worried about possible consequences on your health ? NVX 200 keeps you away from mobile and Bluetooth radiations.

A Great Speakerphone For Your Conference Calls

Invoxia InVivo patented technology cancels microphone noise and room reverberation, thus offering crystal clear and powerful sound to your conference calls. Moreover NVX 200 beam-forming microphones focus on the talker to pickup only their voice.


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