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The only surviving child of the “Mad King” Aerys Targaryen, Daenerys has grown up outside the realm of the Seven Kingdoms in order to escape persecution. Now as the last Targaryen, a queen in her own right, and the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys intends to claim the Iron Throne for her own. Show that you are a swift and merciful conqueror like the Mother of Dragons with this 16 GB USB flash drive!

Which one of these characters will save your data? Have a look at all our USB flash drives.

19,50 €

Tribe – The Fun Size of TechUSB Flash DriveGame of Thrones Daenerys – USB Flash Drive, using the discount code: W3ZURHV1

Short Description

USB flash drive with memory chip and tridimensional soft pvc shell. It comes with a cap designed to be placed in the USB slot of the shell when the USB flash drive is in use. The little metal chain keeps your USB flash drive safely attached to the shell, so you don’t lose it or damage it accidentally.

Technical Details

8 GB or 16 GB memory chip for data transfer compatible with all the operative systems. To easily recognize the USB, a customized icon with logo and name of the brand will be displayed when inserting the flash drive.


Tribe’s products are complying with the law EN71 about toys safety and obtained CE, ROSH and FCC certifications.


All USB flash drives by Tribe are covered by a 2-year warranty. To benefit from the warranty, just contact Tribe by filling in the contact form.


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