The Ultimate Vaping Experience!

Utilitarian Design. Exquisite Aesthetics. Luxurious Performance.

Pivot is a niche and premium luxury brand with the aim of redefining the Vaping industry. Our utility patented products are tastefully crafted and are hand-made with the finest materials available; meant not just to inspire, but also to have an aspirational value, and be style statements!

A stunningly unique aesthetic, cutting edge technology, and handcrafted from the finest leathers, 925 is an Exemplary Machine designed for a grand arrival to the world of Vapor.

ONLY offers you the exclusive Discount code “MODERN10”!

Enjoy the experience of the unique, utilitarian and exquisite product designed with perfection!


Enjoy your Smart Shopping Magazine. We can’t bring you your slippers, but we can make it easy for you to find what you need with your slippered feet up and a cup of coffee at your side.
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