The RearViz Bicycle Mirror

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The RearViz is the world’s first arm-mounted rear view mirror for cyclists. Cycling has never been safer with the new wearable mirror that gives you a pair of eyes on the back of your head when you ride. Unlike other rear view mirrors, the RearViz design eliminates road vibration giving you a clear view of what’s coming up behind you. Throw away that handlebar mirror that constantly breaks and the eyeglass mirror that shutters and shakes!

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The RearViz Bicycle Mirror

  • Ideal for bicycle commuters, road bike riders, MTB, recumbent riders & more!
  • PLEASE DO NOT BUY COPIES! A patented design created to eliminate road vibration & provide a clear rear view
  • A rotatable mirror with a flexible, wide plastic housing & 2 x Medical ID Tag Armbands.
  • 5-year UV resistance, waterproof & weather-resistant
  • Interchangeable with The RearViz Universal Camera Mount
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