The Antidote Hangover Prevention

The Antidote Hangover Prevention And Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler 30 Servings | With Oriental Raisin (DHM), B12, Vitamins and Milk Thistle.

The Antidote is an all-natural aromatherapy inhaler specially designed to help you wake up feeling fresh after a night of libation. It’s rechargeable so it’ll always be ready when you are. 

Vapelixir is a partnership of traditional herbal medicine and modern day medical science working together to promote health and wellness.

Always Drink Responsibly: Have a designated driver, drink plenty of water and carry The Antidote.

You’ve Enjoyed Your Night, Now You Can Enjoy Your Morning!

The Antidote Contains:

Oriental Raisin (DHM): Improves the livers ability to metabolize alcohol and blocks alcohol from affecting the brain’s GABA receptors 
B12: Helps the body breakdown alcohol to prevent and lessen the symptoms of a hangover
Magnesium: Prevents platelet aggregation, which helps to avoid the thickened blood that can cause blood vessel spasms and the pain of a tension headache and hangover
Milk Thistle: Natural liver supporter and detoxifier
Vitamin C: Supports the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme that breaks down alcohol and eliminates it from the body
Vitamin D, E and Coenzyme Q10: Powerful antioxidants which help the body prepare or recover from toxins associated with alcohol consumption
Mint and Menthol: Soothes the stomach

Studies show inhaling vitamins can be 100’s of times more effectively absorbed than pills or drinks 

Serving Size: Approx. 10 Puffs.
Servings Per Cartridge:Approx. 30

1 Cartridge
1 Vapelixir Inhaler
1 USB Charger


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