Syck Trix 2019 BEST Balance Board / multi-purpose balance training

Original SyckTrix Ollie | Best Balance Board | Surf | Skate | Snowboard | Ollie Trainer | Balance Training | Cross Trainer | Surf Trainer | Yoga | and Fitness Training Board.

Syck Trix Outdoor & Indoor Balance Board

SyckTrix balance board will help people of any age continue to progress with their skateboarding tricks. SyckTrix will also offer a great and fun way to rehab from your injuries. Test your joints before you hit the outdoors. Sycktrix will help you practice your favorite moves indoors or outside without the need for an ocean or skate-park.

Syck Trix offers the ability to train for aerials, ollies, and it is a proven training tool for skaters, surfers, wakeboarders, snowboarders, skimboarders and any other type of action sports.

The Syck Trix is designed to improve your tricks but help with core training too. Syck Trix is the best balance board used by professional athletes and groms worldwide.


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