Spydro Fishing Camera Smart HD Underwater Fishing Camera (16GB)

Spydro Fishing Camera Smart HD Underwater Fishing Camera

When it comes to fishing, anglers can only guess what occurs underwater. If it’s with their imagination, experience or through the slight vibrations of their lines.
Though, even the most delicate of lines can’t convey the strike patterns of fish, their interaction with the lure, or if they’re simply ghost fish who follow and never bite.

Spydro, aims to change that. It can be cast & retrieved, trolled, or still-fished on the surface or the bottom.
A calibrated, interchangeable weight system enables anglers to control the capture angles.
Its hydrodynamic shape is optimum for obtaining stabilized underwater footage at higher speeds.
Every time a fish triggers the camera Spydro automatically records the waypoints on a Google real-time map.

Spydro Fishing Camera Smart HD Underwater Fishing Camera (16GB)

Spydro is compact and can be fished from shore, from a boat, or through the ice.
The information is automatically synced as soon as Spydro is on the water’s surface and connects through iOS & Android App.
With a tap you can easily share your action footage, your location and your data with other anglers.

Get Spydro and relive & relay each fishing session. Analyze, replay and share so you can cherish and enjoy every angling adventure to the fullest.

  • Live stream, record, share HD 1080p 30 fps or 720p 60/30fps
  • Connects through the app to a smart phone, tablet, & even Wi-Fi capable boat electronics.
  • Advanced stabilized body for footage at higher speeds.
  • Sensors detect geographical data temperature, salinity and turbidity.
  • Night vision allows footage recordings even in poor lighting conditions.


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