SPORTSSTUFF Towable Booster Tube

Sportsstuff Booster Ball With Custom Tow Rope

The BOOSTER BALL is a custom tow rope with an inflatable buoy in the middle that will boost your towable’s performance in many ways. It keeps the tow rope out of the water while towing. This prevents rope spray and enhances the overall performance of most towables and action tubes.

The Booster Ball reduces drag and rope spray, so you can enjoy the action!

Diminishes drag and rope spray, eliminates towable submarining, and lowers stress on the tube and cover, so your towables last longer.

Big Booster Improves Towable Performance

Booster Ball keeps the tow rope out of the water while towing, reducing drag, rope spray, & submarining. It also lowers stress on tubes & covers, allowing your towables to last.

For use with 1-4 rider towables.

  • Booster Ball Towing system designed to enhance the performance of one to four-person towables
  • System includes 4K Booster Ball and custom tow rope; overall tow length of 60 feet with Booster Ball
  • Heavy-gauge PVC bladder; heavy-duty full nylon cover; reinforced tow system
  • Patented speed safety valve for fast inflation and deflation
  • Hybrid system reduces drag, absorbs shock, and improves fuel economy
  • Size: 38 in. x 28 in. 60ft.


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