SmartGurlz Siggy Robot -SugarCoded app

SmartGurlz Jun Doll with Siggy Coding Toys– Coding for Beginners Coding Doll– Fun to Learn STEM Educator– Shark Tank Doll Teaching Coding for Girls- Kids

The SmartGurlz coding doll is the hit STEM educating doll scooter that inspires the young girls of today to be the leaders and creators of tomorrow.

Our break through Siggy Robot doll integrates our Sugar Coded app, and teaches basics of coding unlike any class or coding camp. Connect to our app to your doll to complete missions, and adventures all while learning and honing coding skills. SmartGurlz wants to connect young women with technology to groom tomorrows creators and leaders.

Hack the system with sugar coded !

SmartGurlz SugarCoded app –Teaches girls how to code by providing lively coding assignments, stories and missions. More than 100+ coding combinations.Sugar Coded is our revolutionary app designed to integrate play with learning. Break free from the constraint of your computer and learn coding not from a keyboard, computer, or camp, but through an interactive app. Learn basic coding skills with game-like adventures and missions. There’s no end to the possibilities with SmartGurlz.

SmartGurlz are ready to Connect!

SmartGurlz Siggy Robot is also compatible with most 11′ inch dolls including Barbie and Bratz and can carry many objects up to 6 ounces. SmartGurlz connect via a smartphone or tablet compatible with Android 4.4 or newer, iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 3 2011 or newer. *Requires Bluetooth

Unleash your Creativity!

SmartGurlz create a fun, engaging and accessible way for girls to learn to code and connect with each other. We use ‘real’ coding blocks software created by M.I.T. so girls get ‘skills’.SmartGurlz is an acclaimed line of kid-friendly self-balancing robots and action dolls that both engage and encourage young girls to learn code. Connected via smartphone or tablet, SmartGurlz allows girls 6 and up to immerse themselves in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through interactive apps and games..

Our Jun doll is a best-selling fan favorite. She’s the perfect doll companion for young girls as they learn to code. Jun is a cool, handy teen mechanic who can fix just about anything. Jun is bound to find a hack that will help your kid learn coding.


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