Smart Tennis Sensor, Bluetooth Training Analyzer, Activity Tracker Compatible with Android & iOS

Smart Tennis Sensor, Bluetooth Training Analyzer, Activity Tracker Compatible with Android & iOS

►Accurate data feedback, panorama 3D simulation, All process video tracking, detail sport data output show speed, strength, angle, and other data. through technical data analysis services for tennis to help you better mastery of the skill of playing smart Sensor tennis.
►movement curve playback with panoramic 3D batting points clearly marked creatively using color bands to record the motion trajectory. tennis video tracking never let go any flaws, helping you debug via playback. let you know your own space of improvement and challenges.
Video teaching: By understanding the characteristics of the individual shots, offensive strategy and physical condition, quickly adjust sparring skill.

Attach the intelligent tennis sensor on tennis racket of any kind by the use of the silicon adapter or 3M two-sided tape, can work alone without smartphone

• monitoring of moving balls, show you batting hit rate and angle, to evaluate your endurance, technique, intensity and playing style. Training report colored curved reflect your swing speed averages and targets.
• recording each shot data with video. The data for each shot can be played back in sync with the corresponding video which enables you to take a closer look at your shot data after each game.
• After you finish playing, to import the data into the app. A play report will be automatically generated. Up to 100,000 shots will be stored in the internal memory.
• 90min charging for approximately 6 hours use.
• A storage of over 3000 batting with only 6.5g, it will closed when stay 10 mins.
• APP proven tips and drills, fun challenges, and practice plans. we can trought sensor with smartphone learn a lot of tennis technique and easily spot the areas for improvement


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