Smart Squeeze Ball Dynamometer

Smart Squeeze Ball Dynamometer SQUEGG™ Hand Grip Strength Trainer for Forearm, Finger Exercisers and Grippers

SQUEGG is the world’s newest unique, Bluetooth-enabled smart squeeze ball that connects to your mobile phone via free SQUEGG App and is designed to help you, monitor, improve your grip strength and relieve stress.

Fitness and fun in the palm of yourhands–that is SQUEGG. It’s a new generation smart stress ball providing holistic wellness to satisfy user’s needs. Be it for grip training exercises, therapy, meditation or pure entertainment as you play games with friends. SQUEGG is right for you.

SQUEGG’s ergonomic design with high-tech sensors wrapped in soft grippy silicone was inspired to provide comfort and convenience. It is accurate, lightweight and portable, so it makes it easy to use wherever.

SQUEGG comes with the following items:

    ✔ Cool brand packaging

    ✔ SQUEGG – Squeezable Device

    ✔ Cable Charger (USB port)

    ✔ Phone Holder – for your mobile phone to keep it from falling. BONUS

    ✔ User Manual – All information you need to know on how to use SQUEGG

    ✔ Free App- Download using Apple or Android phones

Use SQUEGG, anytime and anywhere! ♥Happy Squegging ♥


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