Smart Fingerprint Padlock, Bluetooth Connection Metal Waterproof, Suitable for House Door, Suitcase, Backpack, Gym, Bike, Office, APP is Suitable for Android/IOS, Support USB charging  

  • Your Finger is your Key, 1s unlock.Smart padlock with High-tech fingerprint technology and automatically recognition, safety and convenience.
  • The bluetooth lock only accepts Up To 15 fingerprints for its optimal performance.
  • Easy operation, please read the instruction before using.
  • Smart and portable fingerprint lock can be used widely in bag, suitcase, cabinet, gym lock, school lock and bike,etc.

Your finger is your key!

Say Bye-bye to Password and Combination Padlock.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για WGCC Bluetooth Connected Metal Waterproof Fingerprint Padlock
 Fingerprint function

Farewell to cumbersome numbers, your finger is the key, do not have to worry about losing the key or the password is known to the thief, because they can not get your finger.

Bluetooth function

Download APP connects to the lock via Bluetooth, set the fingerprint, you can choose to use the APP to unlock, if you do not have a mobile phone, you can also use the fingerprint to unlock.

Sturdy structure

The lock body is made of aluminum alloy and the lock beam is made of stainless steel to protect your cabinet or your home against thieves.

Easy to carry

The size is so small that you can easily place it in your pocket and it is the best choice if you want to take it to the gym.


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