Dojo protects all of your connected home devices from malware, viruses and any cyber attack while keeping your privacy intact.

How it Works

A security technology that connects to your network and acts as the essential layer between your smart devices and any threats to your entire network security and privacy. The pebble is free to move about your home and glows when there is activity that needs to be addressed in the app, and is designed so it doesn’t need to be yet another thing you line up next to your TV.

Smart Notifications

The pebble is designed to freely move about your home giving you a quick visual to the health of your overall network. The Pebble has three indicators levels green, yellow and red. Of course, when there is a red indicator that needs to be addressed, you will receive an alert via your Dojo App.

Simple Setup

Simply download the Dojo App from Apple Store or Google Play, follow the easy to install instructions and Dojo will do the rest.

My Devices

Dojo automatically identify all connected devices located on your Wi-Fi network. It understands the nature of the device and what it is used for, tailoring specific cyber protection suites around each devices and for the entire home network. This gives you enterprise-level security to ensure your network and all those smart devices are protected against intruders. Dojo’s job is to makes sure nothing bad gets in and no private data gets out. Basically, Dojo lock all virtual doors and windows of the smart home Wi-Fi network to keep your most private space safe.

Dojo keeps you informed

Dojo keeps in touch via it’s unique cyber chat bot and gets in touch when there’s something afoot. Dojo makes sure you’re aware of any issue before they affect your privacy or security. In just one tap, you can choose how to mitigate.

Dojo is another oddly shaped solution to securing your home network

Dojo Smart internet security and privacy solution for your Wi-Fi network – Safe from hacks, cyberattacks and privacy breaches, 1 year subscription included


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