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GO2SLEEP Sleep Monitor Ring Fitness – Family Sleeping Health Tracker with Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Breathing Tracking, Built in Real-Time Breathing Alert – Detects Sleep Apnea and More

Sleepon Go2sleep ring inspires you to live a better sleep by monitoring your various data of sleep from everyday sleep doze slumber even nap. It monitors your sleep time, sleep stage, AHI index, heart rate, blood oxygen, times of toss and turn during sleeping, and your sleep debts after bulit-in analyzing, to let you know if there was something may affect your sleep quality. Just wear it on any finger and go to sleep as usually.

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Your Personal Smart Sleep Device – GO2SLEEP Smart Wearable Ring

Get a better night’s sleep with the GO2SLEEP Home Sleep Test Device. This AI-powered device monitors your sleep and evaluates Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Likewise, you can use GO2SLEEP to determine the severity of your sleep disorder. It can also help you choose the best treatment options. Additionally, GO2SLEEP tracks a set of indicators while you sleep, offering a lifetime of free sleep reports.

Featuring a compact and sleek design, GO2SLEEP fits on your finger like a ring. Unlike conventional wristband devices, GO2SLEEP measures capillaries on your fingers for more accurate data. Made from food grade silicone, the device is completely safe and suitable for sensitive skin. Weighing just 0.21 ounces, GO2SLEEP is barely noticeable on your finger so you can comfortably sleep with it on. Furthermore, the app displays all of your sleep and health data along with personalized health tips.

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