Skate Anytime Synthetic Ice Starter Kit

What is Skate Anytime Synthetic Ice?

Skate Anytime is a lightweight, interlocking synthetic ice skating surface that can turn any driveway, garage or basement into a practice rink in minutes. It is made from a proprietary engineered plastic material specifically designed for advanced hockey techniques, such as skating, puck movement, and stick handling. It gives hockey players and ice skaters of all skill levels the opportunity to practice year-round, inside or out, without having to trek out to a rink and lug piles of equipment.

Why Is It Better?

Comprised of over 20 different engineered polymers, Skate Anytime’s proprietary design mimics ice in every way – except unlike real ice, our synthetic ice solutions are an all-weather compound that can be easily set up and taken down wherever you need it. The co-efficient of friction is so close to real ice, you won’t even realize you’re skating on a plastic ice rink!

Other synthetic ice compounds quickly dull your skates and prevent you from performing at the level you need to stay on top of your game. Skate Anytime’s synthetic ice panels are injection molded. We’re able to better control and manipulate the material, engineering the panels specifically for hockey and skating – meaning you’ll always be practicing at the optimum level.


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