SIMTOO Dragonfly Drone Pro with 4K Camera

Auto Follow-me Dragonfly Pro Drone with 4K camera and GPS. Professional Photography Drone with 4K HD camera, FPV video on mobile phone via APP. RC radio controller.

Original new Simtoo drones. Dragonfly Pro drones, Moment selfie drone. World first foldable carbon fiber arms allow dragonfly drone to fit all parts in one small hardshell case. Assembly require just a few minutes.

Simtoo Dragonfly Pro is a professional aerial photography drone with brushless 3-axis gimbal and 16MP UHD 4K camera, which is capable of taking super stable 4K aerial video. And it’s equipped with dual mode GPS system, so that it can hover at a certain point very stable. With it’s innovative smart watch, you can control the drone with only the watch and the with follow-me mode the drone will automatically follow wherever you go. And the foldable arm design make it super portable when it’s folded, and a high quality handbag is included for you to take it out easily.


  • Flight time of 25mins
  • Foldable design, equipped with a portable handbag, easy to carry.
  • Maximum speed of 20m/s (72kmh)
  • 3-Axis brushless self stabilization gimbal provides super stable aerial image.
  • Camera with 1/2.3”Sony sensor 16MP capable of shooting 4k video
  • GPS system provides orbiting fly, follow-me mode and precise hover and auto return.
  • Innovative smart watch for easier control and free from remote controller.
  • Remote controller and smart watch are built with rechargeable LiPo battery, no extra batteries needed.

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The Follow-me Dragonfly Pro Drone with 4K camera


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