SicuLAB – We Are an Enterprise of Ideas, Beauty Lovers, In Love with What Produces Beauty

SicuLAB is a young architectural, graphic and fashion firm. In particular, we make sicilian “coffe” appreciated worldwide. “Coffe” are original bags, used as foodstuffs for animals in olden times, now re-evaluated in a different fashionable guise. Because of our ground-breaking, we have been mentioned in many italian magazines and newspapers, such as “la Sicilia” and “il Giornale di Sicilia”. We are also going to expand our brand to Dubai for the purpose of exporting our traditional customs as an innovation in the United Arab Emirates.

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SicuLAB – We Are an Enterprise of Ideas, Beauty Lovers, In Love with What Produces Beauty

We are an enterprise of ideas, beauty lovers, in love with what produces beauty. Professional architects, with a passion for fashion, graphics and everything enclosing the word art. We are sure that care, method and creativeness are enclosed in one only common denominator, heart! Nothing is left to chance: everything is designed carefully, studied and planned accurately, and every project becomes a magic recipe.

Coffa Priziusa – Sicilian Artisan Bag – Coffa Siciliana

The Sicilian bag in origne “coffa” is an intertwining of leaves of the dwarf palm, brought by the Arabs and subsequently integrated into the Sicilian culture. They are the women of the Sicilian countries who pass on the tradition with ancient and valuable mastery.

Coffa has had a completely different use from the current one, from a tool for farm work to one of the most appreciated accessories in the fashion world.

SicuLAB performs with passion the processing of straw bags adorning the crude coffees with accessories and colors typical of Sicily.


Macrame lace, silk fabric with designs from the Sicilian baroque, gold shoulder strap.

Handmade in Italy


23 x 17 cm

Delivery Time

Handmade product made by Sicilian master craftsmen. Delivery in 7 working days.


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