Shiatsu Back & Neck Seat Cushion Massager Chair – Full Back & Shoulder Deep Tissue to Relieve Muscle Pain

Shiatsu Back & Neck Seat Cushion Massager Chair – Massage Pad with Soothing Heat Function, Rolling, Kneading & Vibration – Full Back & Shoulder Deep Tissue to Relieve Muscle Pain – for Home & Office


Massage therapy relieves muscle tension, knots, spasms, aches and pains. This covers the neck, back and even the glutes with the seat vibration function.Combination of 3 different massage techniques: The neck massaging nodes mimicate the motion of shiatsu massaging while the back area nodes mimicate the “Thai open back” massaging technique, and then vibration for the seat cushion. This is like having a real masseuse right at your home with a press of a button.

16 DEEP TISSUE MASSAGING NODES – The neck massager area is equipped with 2 big and 2 small nodes which provide deep tissue massaging for the neck and shoulders. The back massager area has a total of 14 massaging nodes which effectively release stress, relieve sore muscles, and help relax.

  • REMOTE FOR ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY – This seat massager comes with a remote controller that has a speed joystick which allows you to get the right and appropriate amount of pressure to relieve your muscle pain.
  • HEAT FUNCTION – With infrared heat, this Shiatsu back massager can be used to ease muscle tension, stress and promote blood circulation.
  • ATTACHABLE SEAT WITH VIBRATION – The Shiatsu back massager can be used with or without the seat cushion pad. The seat pad can be connected or disconnected from the back massager easily, and it has a vibration feature which will help promote circulation and relieve sore glute muscles.
  • 2 MASSAGE DIRECTIONS – built in a Bi-directional movement control to mimic the motion of in-person massage experience. This seat cushion massager comes with a controller that will allow you to change the massaging direction for better distribution of massage effects.


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