Service Robot – The Insight of AI Through a Human Touch

The smart service robot C01-K is equipped with voice interaction, facial recognition, telepresence and mobile broadcasting.

We are bringing cutting edge integrated Service Robot with different solution to help solve in different field of use. The C01-K is designed to provide smart service solutions in hospitals, hotels, retail stores, banks, airports and cinemas.

The forthcoming artificial intelligence revolution will impact every business in every industry, to capitalize on this tech, New Era AI Robotic Inc. is now rolling out the next generation kiosk with AI technology in voice interaction and facial recognition.

Both AI functions open up the potential of what more can a kiosk do: with voice interaction, AI kiosk will recognize speech commands and response with an answer or action; with facial recognition, AI kiosk will identify the gender and age when a customer approaching and play the customized promotional information.

New Era AI Robotic Inc. is backed by New Kinpo Group (NKG), the world’s leading electronic manufacturing conglomerate.

We focus on artificial intelligence & robotic development on voice AI, computer vision and autonomous motion.

New Era AI Robotic is dedicated to developing innovative products and technologies, particularly in offering wide range of robots for Smart Service and Edutainment sector.

We are bringing the cutting edge integrated service robot with multi-solution for broad range of applications.

Manufactured in: Taiwan


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