Resistance Bands Speed Agility Training Strength

An Updated Version: More professional,more efficient.

Have great effect on improving leg strength,vertical bounce. Enhancing the leg muscle ,chest strength,speed and agility.

Resistance Bands Speed Agility Training Strength Ankle Straps Jump Trainer with 4 Exercise & Fitness Bands for Workout Football, Basketball, Taekwondo, Yoga, Boxing, Tennis, Baseball, Kite, Ski, Volleyball.

FIGROL Leg Resistance are a piece of practical training equipment used to help you reach your goals and take your training to a higher level.

The resistance easily increases your heart rate to the fat burn zone, tones your legs while completing everyday movements,and will take your body to the next level with a combination of aerobics and resistance training.

Whether it be for sports performance or fitness. Increase Speed, Agility, and Muscle Endurance by maximizing your workout potential with Victorem’s Speed and Agility Resistance Training Bands.

FIGROL stretchinG Strap makes it easy to squeeze in a post-stretch after your workout. This starter guide is just a few ways the strap can be utilized for recovery.


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