ProStretch Plus Calf Stretcher and Foot Rocker


Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Achilles Tendonitis, Tight Hip, Knee & Hamstrings, Sore Calves, Calf Strain, Lower Leg Cramps, Muscle Spasms, IT Band Syndrome, Toe & Feet Cramps, Heel Pain.

Used By Physical Therapists, Professional Athletes, & Athletic Trainers Around The World!

ProStretch Plus is proven to provide a deep, effective stretch that increases flexibility along the entire inter-connective chain of the leg and foot; soothing tight calves, strengthening weak Achilles Tendon and foot muscles – delivering the flexibility needed for lasting relief. The patented rocker design automatically holds your foot in the optimal position for providing a biomechanically accurate and efficient stretch that’s been proven to work the lower leg muscles more effectively.

ProStretch Plus Advantages

Rocker Bottom – The patented ProStretch Plus rocker design allows you to completely control the amount of stretch.

Adjustable Heel Rest – ProStretch Plus’ unique adjustable heel rest allows you to increase or decrease the degree of stretch; enabling you to progress your stretch as you become stronger and more flexible.

The unique, adjustable heel rest allows you to increase or decrease the degree of stretch; enabling the user to progress their stretch as they become stronger & more flexible.  

An exclusive, removable toe lift delivers maximum Toe & Plantar Fascia stretch.  Perfect for engaging the entire interconnective chain of the lower leg for unparalleled results.  

The larger, continuous platform provides increased comfort and stability. 

Safety, control, compliance, effectiveness, & efficiency was taken into consideration when designing this stretching device.

Fits up to size 14 shoe.  Recommended weight limit is 300lbs. 


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