Porsche Design P3135 Solid Fountain Pen – Titanium

As its name suggests, the new Porsche Design P’3135 Solid Titanium fountain pen is precision milled from a single piece of solid titanium. The pure, unbroken lines of the barrel taper down to the integrated nib crafted in 18K gold with rhodium plating. The barrel is precisely milled, polished and finally finished with a scratch-proof PVD coating. This plasma vacuum coating is 99.99 percent pure titanium and produces a surface that is ten times harder than steel making it virtually indestructible!

Inside the barrel is a concealed mechanism – press the button on the pen end, turn, and the mechanism is released to fill the converter. The P’3135 Solid Titanium is a capless fountain pen – it fits snugly into its sleek aluminum case to protect the nib when not in use.

The pen and its case are devoid of ornamentation, save for the Porsche Design logo.

Pure, Solid Titanium. Porsche P’3135 Solid Titanium Fountain Pen Features: Capless fountain pen made from one solid piece of titanium Virtually indestructible with a scratch proof PVD coating Rhodium coated 18K gold nib Converter fill Arrives in an aluminum case to protect the nib.


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