PLAYERTEK Wearable GPS Tracker for Football with App

PLAYERTEK Wearable GPS Tracker for Football with App to Track and Improve Your Game – on iPhone and Android

PLAYERTEK is changing the game

Knowledge is Power

PLAYERTEK is a revolutionary technology disrupting the beautiful game, bringing wearable tech in-game. Unlike any other tracker that measures solo sports like cycling or running, PLAYERTEK’s design is FIFA approved and you can wear it during your match and training.

Track your every move and see your performance within our app – Did you drop off in the second half? How did you compare when you won vs a loss? How did you stack up against your friends? Understand your game, improve and compete.

PLAYERTEK is changing the game

  • Track your performance in games and training with distance, top speed, sprint distance and number of sprints
  • Watch how your positioning and tactics change with positional heat maps
  • Compare your outputs with the match outputs of Professional players that use this technology regularly to improve their performance
  • Monitor 1st vs 2nd half efforts to know if your fitness lasts the full match
  • Climb the rankings of our world league or your own friends league


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