PetChatz® HD and PawCall®: Call Your Pet; Your Pet Calls You!

PetChatz HD: Two-Way Premium Audio/HD Video pet Treat Camera w/DogTv, Smart Video Recording, Calming Aromatherapy, and Motion/Sound Detection

PawCall allows your pet to call you and play games when you’re away! PetChatz® HD is a premium 2-way interactive treat camera that allows you and your furry friends to connect when apart.

  • Blinks when in call-mode
  • Button press dispenses treat and sends you a message telling you your pet wants to chat
  • Configured remotely on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Set to Game Mode to stimulate and exercise your pet’s mind with custom light and touch puzzles – and treat rewards
  • Easy pet training protocol
  • Works with your PetChatz HD
  • Adheres to floor or wall
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Battery operated

Place the durable, pet-safe 3” x 4” PawCall button on the floor near your PetChatz HD system. To let your pet know they can call you or when it’s time for a game, simply schedule times in your PetChatz web app.


PetChatz® HD and PawCall®: Call Your Pet; Your Pet Calls You!


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