Paralenz Dive Camera

Paralenz Dive Camera+ – Waterproof, Underwater Camera, Military Grade Aluminum housing and Depth & Temperature Video Overlay

If you love complicated settings and like to spend your dive time fiddling with a camera – this is not for you! Paralenz Dive Camera+ looks and feels like regular dive gear, it’s streamlined and built like a tank! No other underwater camera is this easy to use!

An action camera designed for divers

  • Depth rating of 250m / 820 ft. – No need for extra housing
  • Long batterylife – 3+hours in 1080p/30fps or 2+hours in 4K/30fps
  • DCC feature (Depth Color Correction) – No need for extra filters + depth & temperature video overlay option
  • Streamlined and built like a tank, that fits in the palm of your hand – 155g/5.5oz, 116mm/4.5”
  • Upload and share your dives with your divingbuddies directly from the Paralenz Dive App


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