Outdoor Hydration Sleeve with Built-in Compass, Built-in Storage Bag and Carry Bag

Wetsleeve: Wearable Hands Free Hydration Sleeve – Best for Running, Cycling, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, and SUP

Carrying a water bottle as you exercise outside is not always convenient. Wetsleeve is a wearable hydration system that can make your life easier. Just wear it on your forearm, and you will have easy access to water on the move.

Wetsleeve has a soft silicone mouthpiece, 12oz capacity, insulated layer to keep your drink cool, and comfortable fabrics. You also get pockets for cash and keys.Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Wetsleeve GIF


The perfect hydration solution that never lets you down, whatever the adventure, mission, or journey.

Wetsleeve is for everyone who wants to focus and push forward in their favorite activities, without breaking their natural rhythm. It’s breathable, lightweight and feels great on the forearm. The Wetsleeve is suitable for countless sports: running, hiking, walking, camping, hunting.

Forget about bulky water bottles, arm sleeves, running belts or hydration packs. Take the Wetsleeve with you on your rollerblades, skateboards or any other activities. Go hands-free for a walk, a trip or just a day out – You’ll love to stay hydrated with the Wetseelve on any situation.

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