Introducing the PEN E-PL9

The PEN E-PL9 is the latest mirrorless camera from Olympus aimed at those looking for a stylish but accessible upgrade over their smartphone as they look to take their photography to the next stage.

Whereas the OM-D line of mirrorless cameras is targeted at the enthusiast and professional photographer, the PEN range has always been designed to appeal to the more fashion-conscious snapper, and those who want to take nice-looking images without getting too bogged down with a host of settings.

Thanks to the powerful image stabilization system, you’ll easily shoot blur-free stills and smooth 4K video, all handheld. With features like flip touchscreen, built-in flash, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy sharing make the E-PL9 your go-to camera.

It has everything to produce images you’ll be proud to share. There’s nothing to learn; just pick it up and let the on-screen guides and built-in settings make every shot perfect.

A retro-styled point-and-shoot camera packing modern tech.

The PEN E-PL9 packs a mirrorless 16 mp sensor, a micro 4/3 lens mount, has 121-point autofocus with face and eye detection, and shoots 4K/30fps video. Its 3″ touchscreen flips forward for selfies and vlogging.


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