If you’re looking to venture into the world of splitboarding – Nitro’s Nomad is a great choice. Super surfy when the powder shows up, it’ll provide a stable ride when it’s a bit crunchy too. It’s compatible with all bindings that match Voile insert patterns and features reliable clips that make switching between skin and shred modes a breeze.

Surfy and stable for the steep and deep

The Nomad is built on Nitro’s Flat-Out Camber profile and a mid-wide shape to help maximise your float when the snow gets deep. The tip and tail have lift before the traditional contact points to make turning easy and catch-free, whilst the flat between your feet keeps things stable at speed. Nitro’s Radial Sidecut and Power Pod tech gives you greater control and a dynamic turn shape too.

Lightweight and durable

Nitro’s Powercore features tip-to-tail poplar wood to make the Nomad strong without weighing you down as you aim for the summit. The Premium Extruded FH Base gives you friction-free movement as you skin and speed when you point the board downhill – it’s really durable and low-maintenance too.

A splitboard that will leave plenty money in your account to grab the rest of your set-up – travel on the Nitro Nomad when you head for the backcountry this winter.


  • Directional splitboard
  • Predictable, versatile Radial Sidecut
  • Catch-free and floaty Flat-Out Rocker profile
  • Power Pods for extra control
  • Light yet strong Powercore features tip-to-tail poplar
  • Forgiving and strong Bi-Lite Laminates
  • Durable, fast and low-maintenance Premium Extruded FH Base
  • Voile-compatible Insert Pattern
  • Solid Tip and tail locks
  • T775 Aluminium Hooks
  • Shape: Directional Splitboard
  • Camber: Flat-Out Rocker
  • Width: Mid-Wide
  • Flex: All Terrain
  • Sidecut: Radial


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