Get on the Ninebot by Segway E+ and go wherever you want to go. Travel in style and measure your improvements through the Ninebot by Segway App. The remote control allows you to easily control your E+. This is quite something else than your regular hoverboard. Don’t worry about hitting a bump or a patch of sand or grass on the pavement. E+ is comfortable with many surfaces and types of terrain.

Segway – Ninebot by Segway – E+ – White – Hoverboard – Self-Balanced Robot – Electric Wheels

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2 km/h Speed

Go and get more out of life. Take the detour. Reach out to those places you couldn’t reach before.

Easy Storage

Easily bring the E+ along on your trip. Simply remove the steer for easy storage in almost any vehicle.


No matter where you’re going – with IP54 rated protection your E+ is designed to endure rain, mud and any type of weather.

Advanced Performance

Choose your preference: black or white.

Main Features:

  • Removable Steer
  • Allows for easy storage.
  • Remote Control
  • Manage your E+ remotely.
  • Head & Tail Lights
  • You’ll be clearly visible in low light conditions.


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