MySmartBlinds Automation Kit + Solar Panel Bundle| Turn ordinary blinds into smart automated blinds

MySmartBlinds Automation Kit + Solar Panel Bundle | Turn ordinary blinds into smart automated blinds | Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant | Compatible with iOS or Android devices

At MySmartBlinds, our mission is to simplify your life. By creating products that transform your home into a smart home – giving you control of privacy, temperature, lighting, and security from the palm of your hand – we make our mission possible.

The MySmartBlinds Automation Kit controls the tilting of your horizontal blinds on a schedule and on demand from your smartphone. Whether you want more light or more privacy, we’ve got you covered – at all the right times.

Amazon Alexa connectivity Optional Alexa connectivity allows you to have voice control and access from anywhere.

With in-app scheduling, sun-tracking, Energy Savings mode, and voice control, you can have customized light, privacy, and temperature whether you’re home or away. Schedule your blinds to perform according to your preferences via the MySmartBlinds app or have on demand control via your Amazon Alexa device, the MySmartBlinds app, or your existing tilt wand/cord. Your window coverings – made smarter.

  • Temperature sensors enable Energy Savings mode, shutting your blinds when your room heats up
  • Sun-tracking updates your schedules as times and seasons change
  • Motor retains all preferences with onboard memory
  • Mobile access
  • Solar charging (micro-USB charging cable available for low-light windows)
  • In-app battery updates
  • Simple installation
  • Requires Bluetooth connection for on demand control and initial app setup

MySmartBlinds Automation Kit + Solar Panel Bundle

  • CONTROL YOUR BLINDS FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE – MySmartBlinds turns 2-2.5″ inch horizontal corded blinds into smart automated blinds in minutes.
  • ALEXA AND GOOGLE ASSISTANT- Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Control your blinds with voice commands where you’ll never need to reach for your smartphone or remote switch again. Controlling your blinds have never been easier. MySmartBlinds Smart Bridge required for connectivity (sold separately).
  • SAVE TIME. SAVE ENERGY. SAVE MONEY – With built-in temperature sensors let MySmartBlinds control the temperature and lighting in your home, so you don’t have to. Decide how hot or cold you want your room to get before your blinds adjust the temperature.
  • SET DAILY AND WEEKLY SCHEDULES – The MySmartBlinds on-board memory motor stores and remembers all your preferences and schedules so that your blinds will continue to operate even when you are out of Bluetooth range.
  • SOLAR POWERED – Harness the energy from the sun to power MySmartBlinds using sustainable solar energy. Simple attach solar panel to backside of blinds with included clips or on your window using adhesive strips. MySmartBlinds will let you know your battery level and solar consumption via the MySmartBlinds app (solar panel purchased separately).


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