MYNT Tracker – Key Locator, Wallet Tracker, Phone Finder, Remote Control

Find Your Valuable Item Near and Far

Here is a tiny tracker that lets you keep track of your things, take selfies, control presentations, and more. MYNT is a super thin anti-lost device that helps you avoid leaving your valuables behind. Want to control your music or presentation? No problem. The device can also be used to help you find your way back to your car.

MYNT Tracker – An iF & Red Dot Award winning Bluetooth tracker. The elegant MYNT tracker is encased in a thin metal shell that is as thin as two coins. You can easily attach the MYNT Tracker to your key ring, wallet, or to anything you care about, quickly and easily. My the MYNT Tracker and app you can find any item from your phone in seconds, bringing you peace of mind during your busy day.

The world’s best tiny thinnest Smart Tracker!

Find Your Valuable Item Near and Far.

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mynt-tracker-blue-1024x1024.jpgFind Your Valuable Item in Seconds

Attach the MYNT Tracker to anything you want to find.

With just a simple press of the MYNT app, the MYNT ring notifies you of its location. A long press on the MYNT app will cause your phone to ring and alert you of your valuable items in seconds.

Keep Track of Your Items Near and Far

The MYNT app records the location you had your keys or where you parked your car automatically. When you get close to your MYNT Tracker-enabled item (within Bluetooth range up to 150ft) you can use the app to alert you of the location or report the item lost and receive help from the MYNT community.

Metal shell with smart antenna technology

Through rigorous material selections and manufacturing to create a sleek and thin design that supports both form and function, the MYNT Tracker was created. This allows the MYNT smart antenna technology to provide 1~3dBm Bluetooth signal gain, raising the effective range of the the MYNT Tracker in an open area to over 150ft.

6-month endurance battery and easy replacement

Zero upkeep means zero recharging. With the CR2020 battery, the MYNT Tracker can stay powered for up to 6 months. Battery replacement takes seconds and the MYNT Tracker has space for an extra battery so you never need to worry about charging your MYNT.

Brilliant remote control for selfie, music and slides

MYNT works on Apple iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows devices with abundant additional functions. Remote control of mobile phone music and camera App makes selfie and music switch simple. MYNT also allows you to switch slides on PC. With open SDK, MYNT can be given more plays.

Mobile Compatibility List

MYNT supported mobile system version:iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4.4 or higer More device are in adaption


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