Wearable Ski Sport Tracker – Turn, Jump and Trick Analyzer

Multisport Sensor with Real Time Display Jump height on the LED screen or your Apple Watch


PIQ and Duotone bring kitesurfing to the next level for you. The PIQ sensor is attached directly to the kiteboard with the included holder and records your sessions. You get the height of your last jump right after landing on the display of the sensor, or served on your Apple Watch. So you can push from jump to jump to new heights.

After the session, you synchronize PIQ with the app on your smartphone (Android or iOS) and receive a comprehensive summary with all data: number and height of your jumps, highlights and records, airtime, rotation and tricks, G-force of your landings and much more.

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GET INDIVIDUAL TIPS – PIQ measures your jump height, speed, G-force of landing, airtime and rotation, and gives you personalized tips for improvement after each session.

Jump height in real time – check the height of your last jump directly on the PIQ display or on your Apple watch.

TRACKE YOUR SESSIONS – Your personal dashboard with individual statistics and all data from your Kite Sessions directly on your smartphone.

STURME THE LEADERBOARDS – Challenge the global community, invite friends and start your own leaderboards.

Become part of the PIQ community and experience kitesurfing like never before!

Furthermore, the “PIQ and Duotone” app on the basis of your data gives you individual tips for your personal development. In the worldwide leader boards you can measure yourself with the community, your friends and even professional Duotone riders.

PS: As the owner of the red PIQ sensor (PIQ red), you can easily unlock it (with the matching accessory) for many other sports.


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