MiPow – Power Tube 3000l – Black – Portable Batteries with App Control

Power Tube 3000 is the world’s first smart portable charger with smart app control. It is a compact and all-in-one portable charger with built-in original Lightning connector and male USB connector. No more worry about missing cable.

MiPow – Make It Different! in 6 colours using the discount code: W3ZURHV1


Compact all-in-one design with 3000 mAh battery

Built-in Lightning connector to direct charge iPhone, iPod and more

Built-in male USB input connector is set for recharging

Exclusive iOS App to monitor the battery level, range and temperature

Built-in LED charging status & battery level indicator

Technical Details

Capacity: 3000 mAh / 3.8V (11.4 Wh)

Input voltage/current: 5V / 1.0A (max)

Output voltage/current: 5V / 1.0A (max)

Battery cell: Li-ion

Recycle: 500 times

Direct charging time: 3-4 hours

Operating temperature: 0°C~45° C.

Dimensions: 25 (L) x 25 (W) x 105 (H) mm

Device Compatibility

Power Tube 3000 is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices.

App Ready

Download the free JuiceSync 2 app from the App Store and install the JuiceSync 2 app on your device.


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