Microlino: Tiny Electric Car With Front “Hood Door” for Easy Urban Parking

Microlino: Tiny Electric Car With Front “Hood Door” for Easy Urban Parking

Small, electric microlino car soon to be driving along european streets

The smallest of the small, this two-seat micro-machine features just one (quite literal) front door positioned where one would expect to find its engine, perfect for navigating and parking on tiny European streets.
As quirky as the streets it is destined to drive along, the microlino – a small, electric city car first shown at the 2016 geneva motor show – has passed its last tests and is now legal across european roads. production starts in december 2018 with deliveries in switzerland thereafter, before entering into the german market in 2019.

microlino’s 2.4 meter-long, dual toned design is based upon a BMW ‘isetta’ from 1956. the electrified concept aims to change personal mobility, bringing a max speed of 56 mph and 0 to 31 mph in 5 seconds. it also delivers two different ranges – 126km and 202km – depending whether the small or large battery is installed – 8kW/h and 14.4kW/h respectively.


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