Men’s Motile Sperm Fertility Test | Check Moving Sperm and Record Videos

YO Home Sperm Test is the only at home fertility on the market which analyzes your motile Sperm Count (the number of live swimming sperm). While other products on the market tell you how many, YO tells you how many can SWIM!

The included YO Sperm Clip turns your Smartphones camera into a microscope and the downloadable App uses image processing technology to perform an accurate motility semen analysis. You can save videos of your sperm, play the YO trivia challenge, and learn more about semen analysis and fertility. Test your Fertility and see your swimmers in the comfort and privacy of your home. 2 tests included per kit with additional kits available (sold separately).

The YO HOME SPERM test is developed by Medical Electronic Systems, the same team which produces automated line of Sperm Quality Analyzers (SQA’s) used in hospital labs, universities and IVF centers globally. With over 20 years of expertise developing an automated sperm analyser, MES is bringing our technology to your Smartphone.

YO is the first Smartphone based, FDA cleared home sperm test that allows you to test your motile (moving) sperm on your phone, view and store a live video of your sperm and receive an automatic test result in under 3 minutes.

YO was four years in development and extensively tested. Consistent performance of 97% or greater in accuracy ensures a reliable and dependable test result every time . Two tests per kit provides you with a cost-effective opportunity to re-test your motile sperm count a second time to confirm your results and additional refill tests are available for purchase (sold separately).
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YO Home Sperm Test for Apple iPhones | Includes 2 Tests | Men’s Motile Sperm Fertility Test | Check Moving Sperm and Record Videos | Apple iPhone X and XS

  • TEST YOUR SPERMS MOTILITY – This amazing product can instantly record and display moving, living viable sperm, which is considered more vital and important than the total number of sperm count. If they can’t make the swim, they can’t meet the Egg!
  • ACCURATE – This home test provides results with greater than 97% accuracy in clinical trials. It’s fast, reliable, and the most proven home fertility semen analysis on the market today. These results are based on the World Health Organizations 5th Edition standards.
  • FDA CLEARED – This FDA cleared product was developed by Medical Electronic Systems, the world leader in commercial grade automated semen analyzers used in hospitals, free standing labs, urology clinics, sperm banks, and fertility centers across the globe. Remember, it all started with a sperm!

YO at Home Sperm Test for Samsung Galaxy | Includes 2 Tests | Men’s Motile Sperm Fertility Test | Check Moving Sperm and Record Videos | Samsung Galaxy


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