Me-Mover FIT 2.2 Premium: World’s Best In & Outdoor Fitness

Me-Mover FIT 2.2 Basic Aerobic System – Burn fat and tone your whole body faster with Me-Mover Fit

Me-Mover Fit is a three-wheeled outdoor step machine, an intense cardio equipment for fitness and rehabilitation purposes. Me-Mover Fit brings the best of all worlds to its users. It provides exercise levels of running, cardio levels of spinning, the speed and low impact of bicycling, and is uniquely effective in the core and overall muscular build. A step machine on wheels, the FIT activates 6 of 8 major muscle groups, so users get more exercise in less time. It is a full body trainer that gets you fit faster; providing high-intensity workout at low impact, and is a blast to ride. Me-Mover Fit is a revolution in outdoor fitness. In a unique way, the Me-Mover Fit strengthens your core, joints and balance muscles, along with your legs and glutes. Equally good for fitness and building strength it is also proven to be a great tool for rehabilitation; lower back, knee, ankle, heel issues etc.

The unique combination of running and skiing is addictive and exhilarating. Ride it on the way to work, in the park, or fold it and pack it in your car for a trip. You decide how to use the Me-Mover FIT in your daily life. Speed: 0-25km/h (cruising speed 15-20km/h) (sprinting speed 30+ km/h) Climbing: able to climb hills of +10% incline Inbuilt variable gearing: determine the gear by pedal stroke activity (heavy gear at the bottom of the pedal stroke, and light gearing at the top of the pedal stroke).


World’s Best in Outdoor Fitness

Me-Mover Fitness ApS is a development company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a diverse group of professionals sharing a passion for fitness and wellbeing. We want to establish Me-Mover as a preferred product for an active and healthy lifestyle. In Scandinavia, the idea of sustainability is as much about physical and mental health as about being green. We want to see a world with fewer obstacles to a sustainable, sound, active life, and we believe the Me-Mover FIT is part of the answer.

Me-Mover FIT Doubles as Exercise Machine and Urban Commuting Vehicle

Me-Mover is the new generation of stand-up sports equipment that intends to promote the physical fitness and healthy living. Me-Mover FIT provides a new way to exercise and allows the rider to use every part of body. The clever design doubles its functions both as urban commuting vehicle and effective fitness equipment.


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