MaxiClimber, is The Revolutionary Vertical Climber!

Vertical climbers are overtaking the market of home fitness equipment, and there are several very good reasons for this phenomenon.

MaxiClimber XL-1000 is THE revolutionary vertical climber that combines weight resistance, muscle toning, aerobic exercise and calorie-burning cardio for a full-body workout that will target all major muscle groups to reach maximum fat-burning potential, all in the comfort of your home.

  • The original vertical climber machine that combines calorie-burning cardio with muscle toning in one simple movement.
  • The all new MaxiClimber XL-1000 features Bi-directional Hydraulic resistance system with 12 levels of resistance.
  • Ideal for High Intensity Interval Training routines (HIIT) that burn TWICE the calories per workout.
  • Post-workout, you’ll experience a 40% increase in AFTERBURN of calories, helping you build a lean body in no time.
  • Ideal for all fitness levels, this exercise machine was ergonomically designed to fit all body types and fitness levels providing an easy, effective and efficient low-impact workout that is easy on the knees and ankles


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