Maskerade DUET Organic Face Mask Maker & Facial Steamer

This multi-functional facial mask machine, it has two functions: face mask maker and facial steamer.

The most notable features is DIY Fruit Mask, It is Pure Natural, No Any Side Effect. And face steamer can moisturize your skin and provide water replenishment anytime. Having fun in making the fruit or vegetables facial mask by yourself at home, add it to your spa day to get the best effect of skin care, skin tightening and its elastic recovering for your beauty.

With the Maskerade DUET Face Mask Maker, you don’t have to buy expensive facial masks anymore. Making your own masks is cost-effective with an average cost of less than $1 per mask compared to getting expensive spa facials and purchasing high-priced facial masks that are not natural.

Create fully customized healthy masks with all-natural ingredients instead of buying expensive masks with chemicals, irritants, preservatives, and parabens.

  • Get a steam facial in under 5 minutes to help open your pores, cleanse away impurities, improve absorption of mask ingredients, and increase circulation prior to using your mask.
  • Gel masks made by Maskeradehelp improve penetration and absorption of ingredients into the skin by up to 3 times more effectively than traditional masks.
  • Gel masks offer long duration of use and offer one hour of continuous nourishment without drying up.
  • Create masks at home for your specific skin needs with ingredients you want and choose from hundreds of fruits & vegetables (in liquid form), juices, wine, milk, and other liquids.


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