Louis Vuitton Vintage – Monogram Vernis Belt – Red – Vernis Leather Belt – Luxury High Quality

This belt features a vernis leather body, and a gold-tone buckle closure.

Louis Vuitton – Exclusive Style Touch

Since Louis Vuitton first settled in Asnières-sur-Seine, the House that carries his name has expanded to incredible places and designed exciting creations. The exceptional savoir-faire of the Asnières artisans is such that even today, key pieces are created here: rigid trunks, designs in rare or exotic leathers, special orders.

These one-off designs strive for perfection by bringing together technical innovation and quintessential style. The Asnières atelier is the House’s true hub and puts its soul into the creation of every special order. The family’s sons all learned the art of trunk-making here, including Patrick-Louis Vuitton, who is in charge of these special orders.

Louis Vuitton Vintage – Monogram Vernis Belt – Red – Vernis Leather Belt

This belt features a vernis leather body, and a gold-tone buckle closure.


Leather x Vernis Leather


80 cm x 3 cm

Unique Artifacts

Vintage models derive from accurate selections, are unique and exclusive artifacts, availability is limited to one piece.


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