Louis Vuitton Vintage – Diamond Tambour Forever – Silver Black – LV Watch

The Tambour Forever features a patent leather wrist strap, quartz movement, a shell dial, a diamond-studded face encased in stainless steel hardware.

Louis Vuitton – Exclusive Style TouchLouis Vuitton Vintage – Diamond Tambour Forever – Silver Black – LV Watch

Exclusive discount code: W3ZURHV1

Material :Metal x Stainless Steel x Leathe


Face: 2.3 × 2.3 cm

Case: 3.7× 2.8 cm (excluding crown)

Belt: 1.4 cm 

Arm: about 14.8  to 18.2 cm

Unique Artifacts

Vintage models derive from accurate selections, are unique and exclusive artifacts, availability is limited to one piece.


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