Laura B – Croco Belt – Beige Croco – Dorè – Leather Belt – Luxury High Quality Belt

Luxury high quality belt beige croco dorè.

Laura B – Collection Particulière

Born and raised in Italy, Laura moved to London in the early 80s to take a sabbatical year before starting university. Experience that she considered the most eye opening for her future to come. Thanks to her strong capabilities to learn languages and the high interest for them since her early stage of life, she moved to Geneva where she started studying translation specialized in Law and Economics. During her studies she would go back and forth to Paris and London, where she was inspired by the music and art in both cities. After finishing her studies she went back to her beloved Italy, and established herself in Milan, where she had the first direct encounter with the biggest and most glamorous fashion houses in the world. The experience of working for over 15 years with Versace, Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana prepared Laura for her future enterprise. She learned the commercial side of the business.

Laura B – Collection Particulière

Laura B fuses the aesthetic sophistication with the contemporary cosmopolitan style to create timeless accessories with a glimmering appeal.

The signature of Laura B is the use of metallic mesh accompanied by other luxury materials such as python and crocodile leather, horn, semi-precious stones and more.

Our main products are party/evening bags, day bags, jewellery, belts and other accessories for women.

All pieces are carefully handcrafted in-house in Barcelona by our skillful artisans.

Laura B – Croco Belt – Beige Croco – Dorè – Leather Belt

Luxury high quality belt beige croco dorè.


2 cm




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