Kube Bluetooth Speaker with 37qt Cooler Storage and Engineered to Deliver Exceptional Sound in Large Spaces by Thomas & Darden

KUBE is a portable, wireless audio system that sounds like nothing else. Designed for taking great sound outdoors, it complements the space around you instead of competing with it. The result is a rich, full sound that makes any outdoor environment more inviting.

With advanced audio components and proven engineering, KUBE delivers 360 degrees of incredible sound and radiating bass with low distortion levels. The result?

Music ready to take your party up a notch, even across water or open yard. KUBE has onboard Wi-Fi and enough battery life to keep the music going all night long. It’s marine certified and water resistant.

Before KUBE, you could play music on a portable Bluetooth speaker, but the sound quality was limited and volume. Or you had to set up an ugly professional PA system with power and cables to trip on. With KUBE, it’s never been so easy to have exceptional sound in large spaces. Heading to a beach bonfire, a day at the lake, or taking the boat for a cruise. Post up your KUBE and grab a cold one.


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