Kristina MC – Belt Double Loop Leopard-Shaped Buckle – Calfskin – High Quality Leather Craft

Kristina MC – Fashion and Art Merge Together

“Fashion instills positive vibrations, it is interpretation, a response to the contemporary in respect of the important heritage of Made in Italy”.

Each creation is designed to be a limited edition piece. These small wearable art objects follow the trends of each season and reflect two main characteristics: portability and lightness.

Kristina MC – Belt Double Loop with Leopard-Shaped Metal Buckle – Calfskin Leather – Pink – High Quality Leather Craft Accessory – Handmade in Italy – Fashion – Haute Couture

Calfskin belt in pink color, double loop with leopard-shaped nickel-metal buckle.


Double loop

Leopard-shaped nickel-metal buckle

Handmade in Italy


H 2,5 cm


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