Kardia Mobile EKG Monitor | Wireless EKG | Captures Heart Rate, Rhythm & Symptoms for Early Detection of AFib | For Smartphones & Tablets

Kardia Mobile turns your phone into a medical grade EKG machine for highly accurate heart health readings in 30 seconds.

Home health tech is booming and Kardia is a cool example of something small that can make a big difference to someone’s life.

The pocket-sized device takes accurate heart rate readings that can be logged and sent remotely to your GP for monitoring and analysis. Not only could it save a few trips to the cardiologist, but it could also potentially flag up heart problems at an advanced stage.

To take an accurate EKG, open the phone app and start recording. Place Kardia near the handset and place your fingers on the pad. Instantaneous measurements show up after 30 seconds.

Check your heart in 30 seconds


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